5 Things to do in Kolhapur

Well, there are a whole lot of things to do in Kolhapur, but these 5 I suggest here are some ‘DO NOT MISS’ s.

Mahalaxmi Temple/ Sree Ambabai Temple

Ambabhai temple, also well known as Kolhapur Mahalakshmi temple, is one of the 18 Maha Shakthi Peetas, and has great religious significance. Goddess Mahalaxmi is worshiped here, and people of Kolhapur call her as Ambabhai – Beloved Mother.

The temple is an old one, its history tracing back to thousands of years. It is well maintained, and managed very well.

Pandemic – During the pandemic, it is advised to get e-pass 3 days in advance and book a slot. Due to Covid restrictions, and keeping in mind the huge crowd, currently the temple visit is only allowed for limited people, who are given the e-pass.

Mahalaxmi temple entrance

Ambha Badangh

Ambha Badangh is a snack, which is sold in and around the temple premises. It’s a mixture made of rice puffs. It has a slightly sweetened taste, compared to the usual ones, and is definitely a must try. I loved making Missal Pav (Masala Pav), with it.

Ambha Mixture

Go buy Kolhapuris

Just don’t miss these! Kolhapuris are hand made chappal, which were once worn the most in India, before sandal manufacturing began. They stand apart for their unique style, and especially for the sound they make while walking. More the sound that comes from them, the better the chappal are.

Kolhapuri Chappal

Try Vada Pav at the temple premises

There are a lot of stalls around the Mahalaxmi temple, selling Vada Pav, Sabudhana Vada and chat. Don’t skip the hot Vada Pav with Mirchi – just super good!

Do NOT miss the Tambda Pandhra Rassa

Unless you are vegan/ vegetarian, do not come back without tasting the Tambda Pandhra Rassa – Red and White soup. Both these soups are made of mutton – one white and another red in color. These are an essential part of the non-veg meals, served in Tambda Pandhra restaurants around Kolhapur. Try the soups with a Mutton Masala meal.

Best places I know/ heard of – Hotel Tambda Pandhra Rassa, Rajdhani Restaurant.

Tambda Pandhra Rassa

Other things to try out in Kolhapur are their Missal Pav, Poha, Sabudhana Kichidi, Sheer. Also you can plan a visit to the Panhala Fort – may be also book a stay inside the Fort.

Missal Pav – Masala Pav

That’s all for now. Hope you have a wonderful holiday!!!

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