Travel, be-friend yourself !

All of us plan for a vacation, trying to adjust our timelines with friends and family. But there’s another way, a better way to take a vacation. People these days started travelling alone in great numbers. To my belief, heading off yourself alone pays you back a lot of insights and dimensions in life.

When you have time to explore, try doing it alone because there would be no one to distract you. Miles away from your home, you will slow down, start releasing those things that you miss in your daily routine. The smell of rain, the charm of nature’s air on your face, the sound of your breath, you will go in zero detail..!! on everything . No hustle bustle life, no rush and nobody to make decisions out of you.

You can move yourself in busy local streets, or spend your time in the quiet peaceful nature. Travelling alone would give us the freedom to pursue our own particular interests. You can understand everything at your own pace. Anything we explore while we travel, like art, design, architecture, music, something would inspire us, showing us a creative aspect. we even get to know how we want to spend the rest of our lives.

Try stepping out the comfort zone, take a break. You can climb a hill or sit at a coffee table and consider your choices in life and find a better process that can get inhibited when other people are around.

You get to meet new people , new ideologies, mainly the change poking you often, knitting your soul. You get to understand how beautiful human life is..!!

You get into many human interactions, and they settle your highs and lows within. Making it simple, you do your SWOT butter smooth, not beating the bush around..!! The most wanted thing in the world freedom..!! and you get it in huge dose while you make your travel alone.

It comes in many of your minds, that you may end up getting bored leading to loneliness.

But the fact is we can’t run out of loneliness, if it’s gonna come, it will come even if we are at a party surrounded by familiar faces.

In travel many at times strangers make up conversations with more willingness. Those happy faces , intelligent minds, soulful characters wipes off your inhibitions. These days the opportunities have grown, to connect with the locals and fellow travellers. There are many organisations that provide travelling along with people of  specific age group, be it a leisure travel or a work purpose travel or a documentary or a learning travel.

And if you are a woman traveller, don’t think twice. Think about those days when a girl or a woman were not allowed to go out without some company. Let yourself digest that pretty fact, don’t fence yourself.

You can start on our own rhythm..!! It gives so much confidence to drive your decision and execute it..!!

So don’t wait for the right friend to accompany you..!

Buy your travel ticket, book the stay, Travel alone…!

Happy travelling ..!!

Credits to my childhood friend Varma, helped me with few points about solo travel. He had been to Leh on a solo trip..!!

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  1. P L N Raju says:

    True, traveling alone has lots of benefits. Most important for me as one who travels a lot all by myself is flexi schedule! Stop wherever one wishes, idle for a while for no reason, have a bite here and there and enjoy the surrounding sights and sounds.


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