How my love for travelling emerged..!!

I began travelling to places and to people, who are far away..!!

Synced my madness with mother earth…!

In the beginning, being an introvert, I took photographs and videos of things I saw, enjoyed the food I ate, never spoke much to people in my travel, nor praised the nature so much..! I played my beginners role, slowly unveiling my hidden whim.

How then i slowly turned myself into a travelling crow..!!

I started realising that my thoughts became so clear while travelling, and my mind started disliking the pattern of multi tasking..!! I’d be so in the moment, discovering the world all through. No other frequencies disturbing, and it turned out to be an addiction.

I found unconditional love for nature, high up in the peaceful mountains. Walking through the mountains is not an easy venture, I saw the harshness of sun, scary thick fog making me blind, thundering rain shouting right on my head, slippery ice dragging my feet into the valley from the pinnacle. At that moment i thought why should i do all this ? and what for ? I am here to enjoy the beauty of great Himalayan range. My restless mind and that relentless journey gave me many false impressions. It took a months time to recover myself completely. Then i started synthesising every moment of my journey, holding all the thoughts with in, then i understood the value of my journey in mountains. I haven’t lost something, actually i levelled up. I was so vexed after the finish of the summit, with high fever and fatigue. One wrong step during the climb and i would be out of this world. One simple answer on what i gained is – discovery..!!

Discovery – not in philosophical terms.

It is not a calorie crush, It’s the inner resolve, an inner strength much beyond I had imagined. The climb showed me I could overcome obstacles much larger than myself. And I need to do it all alone without anyone’s support. No amount of pep talk or counselling would give me so much positivity , and it stayed for long.

Trekking in himalayas

It sheds those creepers of useless clutter, changed my intent of thinking. A summit and feat are seldom celebrated by the world…! 

Now I find the Sun bright and chirpy with a thousand rays of hope.

When i hear to those voices of wind, and birds cooing amidst forest, I would love to stay back ever living there, because to me that is so pragmatic.

Craving for the tasty cuisines, I got refined interest for food. I get so much pleasure eating the street food, in the local food markets, where banquet becomes my choice of food, delicious becomes delight, desserts become fancy, and feast becomes frippery.

The people I met and the memories I made along the way were life changing. Such an influential experience because it increased my quality of life, travelling tend to be happier for me.

I travel with my best friends. Despite of all the calm/chaos, i would love to spend all the undivided time with them. Here ends my thirst 🙃

I wish you a happy travelling..!! 🚘 ✈️ 🚂

We are there jumping 🤟🏻

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  1. Cool photos! The food looks great! Greetings from London.

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  2. P L N Raju says:

    Such wonderful expression of freedom in discovering nature! The words flow from the heart.

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